Bill O’Reilly Slams Samuel L. Jackson for “Jumping on the Grievance Train”

Foxnews TV Host BillO’Reilly said Samuel L. Jackson was raised by his grandmother in Chattanooga, TN., with no father present. He was poor and lived in an all-black neighborhood, eventually finding his way to Morehouse College. That’s where O’Reilly said he associated with black militants and was so radical that the FBI investigated him in the 1960s.

Bill O’Reilly tonight slammed actor Samuel L. Jackson for “jumping on the grievance train.”

Samuel L. Jackson is seen on video singing, “I can hear my neighbor cryin,’ ‘I can’t breathe.’ Now I’m in the struggle, and I can’t leave. Calling out the violence of the racist police, we ain’t gonna stop ’til people are free.”

“With all due respect, rather than diminish his country, Mr. Jackson should be trying to make it better. His message could be that if I can succeed, so can you.”

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Wayne Dupree

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