Bill O’Reilly And Marc Lamont-Hill Don’t Agree on Romney’s NAACP Speech Delivery

BillWhen you watch this please clear your mind of everything first and then watch. You will see this entire interview in a different light, I promise!

In his Talking Points segment, O’Reilly said that while Romney has virtually no chance of picking up any significant percentage of black voters, he was regardless “a brave guy for going.” O’Reilly did, however, point out that some African-Americans may stay home because of personal disappointment with President Obama, giving Romney an ever-so-slim nudge in the overall polls. Lamont-Hill told O’Reilly that Romney was not brave for speaking to the NAACP, because if he didn’t, he would be “trashed in the press.” O’Reilly said Romney still got negative press for his appearance anyway.

Lamont-Hill thought Romney could have focused more on his economic message and less on attacking President Obama. O’Reilly asked how Romney could talk about the economy without referencing Obama’s stewardship and, more importantly, rising unemployment in the African-American community. He told Hill it sounds like he would have wanted Romney to change his message for a black audience, which to O’Reilly, sounded like a “race thing.” Lamont-Hill said Romney didn’t need to edit his beliefs, but just be more prudent with how he presented his case.

“If I’m going into an NAACP convention and I know the people are going to boo me, just as a matter of strategy, I would say something that would stop me from getting booed. I wouldn’t compromise my principles… I would be honest.”

Lamont-Hill said Romney could have been more specific about his policies, to which O’Reilly countered that Romney was plenty specific, which is why he got booed. The segment concluded with O’Reilly and Lamont-Hill clashing over black voters who support Obama mostly because of his race.

Wayne Dupree

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