Bill Maher — “I like Mayor Pete But I Do Think 37 Is A Little Too Young” To Run For POTUS

Bill Maher spoke to CNN’s Chris Cuomo about former VP Joe Biden’s slip-ups and how he’s dealing with the new way of campaigning when Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg came up in the discussion.

Maher: “People in this age don’t understand that humans evolve just like societies evolve and by the way to all the people that are so harsh on the past, there are things that you’re doing right now that are going to look bad in the future,”

Bill, some societies evolve and some will devolve. The new experiment of “self-governance” that began in the colonies over 243 years ago was an improvement over dictators and monarchies. Over those 243 years, the United States has evolved by outlawing slavery and instituting universal suffrage. While other nations still consider women as property and still use stoning and beheadings as acceptable forms of punishment.

The present Democratic Party is wanting to devolve the USA with a loss of “free speech,” and a movement to a socialist form of government, where the government is in control of everything, and there is no longer any “self-governance.”

Maher: “Stop prosecuting people back then that did things that if you were around back then you would have done them too. If you were around in the 80s you would have worn the big shoulder pads because we all were doing that.”

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Maher: “This is the only country that I can think of in history that doesn’t seem to get something very fundamental which is that in general people older are wiser… There’s dumb old people and smart young people. but in general, yes, I’m okay with someone who has learned and grown and seen a lot and has experienced it and has seen patterns. I like Mayor Pete but I do think 37 is a little too young. A little bit.”

What has he done to improve the 25% poverty rate in South Bend? A city of 102,000 population. If he cannot solve that problem how do you think he could solve anything for a population of 300 million plus? We do not need another Community Organizer again. When you get past the outer facade of Gov Pete, he is a radical Liberal/Socialist living in a dream world.

I don’t often agree with Maher, but I think the minimum age probably should be raised to 40. Besides that, no president has ever been 40 years or younger anyway so we’re not missing anything. We need someone who’s been out of the school system long enough to have at least some of that Marxist indoctrination washed out of their skulls.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is what happens when you’re dealing with people under 30. We don’t need a Che Guevara running for office with bizarre half-baked socialist ideas.

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