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[VIDEO] Watters Silences Williams With a Bill Clinton-Signed Treaty Allowing Trump to Request Assistance From Ukraine on Biden

When you manage to silence liberal lunatic Juan Williams, you know you’ve won the argument.

That’s precisely what happened during an exchange on “The Five,” when pro-Trump cohost Jesse Watters presented a treaty signed by Bill Clinton to Trump-hater Juan Williams, which allows President Trump, or any president, to request assistance from the Ukraine on Biden or anyone else.

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A 1999 treaty with Ukraine, signed by Bill Clinton, provides a rock-solid basis for President Trump’s request for Ukrainian President Zelensky to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden for alleged corruption.

The Bidens are in up to their armpits with regard to a potential renewed Burisma Holdings natural gas probe … an overdue investigation that was in fact initially stopped by VP Biden while he was in office … a fact that he subsequently bragged about.

On Thursday, Jesse Watters revealed on “The Five” that he found the treaty that provides solid legal ground for President Trump’s appeal for investigative assistance from Ukraine. [Bizpacreview]

The treaty between the two countries provides “mutual legal assistance” in “criminal matters,” and was signed in 1999-2000 by President Bill Clinton. This proves (once again) that President Trump did nothing wrong.

The Dems are just trying to unleash “Russia Hoax Part II” because they know they can’t beat Trump in 2020, and they will ultimately lose the SCOTUS for decades to come.

“I have found from 1999-2000 a treaty with Ukraine signed by Bill Clinton,” said Watters. “And the treaty with Ukraine on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters, which basically establishes a range of cooperation between the two governments of Ukraine and the United States about making testimony available, making people available, making documents and records available and assisting in the cooperation of mutual criminal matters. And they don’t even have to be criminal. They can just be allegations.

“So, there is a firm legal underpinning to the request, the commander-in-chief to a country, an ally who we have a treaty with about criminal procedure to say, ‘Hey, can you look into some potential corruption allegations involving a U.S. Citizen?’” he added. [Bizpacreview]

Watters went on to say, “Now, if you are going to say that Biden is not under this treaty, that means because he’s a potential candidate against the president, since he is a political opponent in an election season he can’t be investigated, that means any time that I’m accused of a crime overseas I can just declare I’m running for president and then I can’t be prosecuted by the government?”

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Good point, Jesse!

Of course, undercover Trump-hater Dana Perino disagreed. “Under that then, to your point about the Obama team and Hillary Clinton team under that same treaty, asking for Ukrainian help to investigate Donald Trump would fit underneath the same treaty,” Dana Perino said.

However, Watters disagreed. “If that is an investigation that is a counterintelligence investigation, that does not fall under criminal investigation because that’s what that was under Barack Obama. And, remember, there were no bases for those inquiries, either. If you are going to say that that’s okay, then what Trump did is okay, too.”

Charlie Kirk from Turing Point USA always tweeted about the treaty.

You can watch the video below:

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