Bill Clinton Campaigned At Stone Mountain Where KKK Was Formed; Look Behind Him!

It’s not what you are told, it’s what you know for yourself.

Bill Clinton campaigned in 1992 at the foot of Stone Mountain, GA, where the KKK was created and look who was behind him in shackles, lined up standing at attention? The Clinton team then went on to mass incarcerate many black young men giving them mandatory sentencing, investing in prisons for profit, the myth of the black super predator and the militarization of the police. This is who they are.

It seems our people have fallen prey to the Pied Piper syndrome. My heart is saddened to see how many of us just blindly follow and support people because this is how it has always been done. Many never thoroughly check out the person’s voting record or what they have done for their community and State. Or if they person has done a good job in the past.

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From Vox:

Back then, he campaigned in front of black prisoners at the Stone Mountain memorial to the Confederacy in Georgia, where the modern Ku Klux Klan was founded in 1915. He ordered the execution of Ricky Ray Rector, a black man so mentally disabled he said he wanted to save the pecan pie from his last meal “for later.” He attacked the rapper Sister Souljah for her anti-white comments, equating them with the rhetoric of David Duke. He pushed through a flawed, punitive crime bill.

In some ways, this was a necessary part of Clinton’s political strategy. The promise of Bill Clinton was that this guy, unlike the Yankees who lost the 1984 and 1988 elections for Democrats, could win over working-class whites, and, by combining their votes with black votes, flip Appalachian and Southern states that were otherwise unwinnable. The plan worked: He eked out a one-point victory with white working-class voters, and Missouri, Louisiana, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, West Virginia, and his home state of Arkansas all went Democratic in 1992.

But it’s not exactly a mystery why the white working class abandoned Democrats to begin with. Political scientist Larry Bartels has found that from 1952 to 2004, support for Democrats declined by nearly 20 percentage points among white voters without college degrees in the South — and barely at all among white voters without college degrees outside the South.

Many accuse Hillary of guilt by association. I would encourage us all to pierce the illusion of the Clinton presidency, almost a romanticization of what really occurred, and test Clinton’s policies to gauge if she is going to build on Bill’s horribly destructive legacy.

If a person working a 9-5 does not perform to the satisfaction of those who hired them, they won’t get a raise. And at some point if they don’t make strides for the better, they eventually get let go. Yet many of our people keep voting for those who’ve not represented the people well. We have to get the word out.

Hold our own town hall meetings in between elections. We must get to know our neighbors and those in our communities. We also must know the facts in order to properly present them to those who don’t know

Although I condemn Clinton, don’t we have to condemn our black leaders, who as I recall in 1992, were just as adamant about putting black men in jail as Clinton. Being “tough on crime” was the mantra of the day.

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