Bill And Hillary Clinton Are Coming To City Near You — To Tell Stories Of Their Time In Politics

I was wondering how the Clintons would make money after shutting down their Foundation, now I know.

Nobody said anything about the Clinton foundation closing down a month after Pres. Trump got elected in 2016. They shut down their shop in New York, and you haven’t heard anything about the Clinton foundation or his operations since.

You know that both of these individuals command thousands upon thousands of dollars every time they speak internationally due to the reports that we hear in the media. Who would’ve thought that the Clintons would develop a 13 city tour and charge money to talk about their time in politics?

There is no doubt that each of these venues is going to be sold out because there are still fans among Americans who live and die by the Clintons. Both of these criminals have an allure that draws mindless voters like the Pied Piper.

Source: Washington Examiner

Live Nation, which is producing the events, described the tour as “one-of-a-kind conversations with the two leaders as they tell their stories from some of the most impactful moments in modern history.”

Ticket prices for the Washington, D.C., event are selling for $99.50 to $250, according to Ticketmaster. Prices for the cheap seats in most cities are under $100, but the price can hit a few hundred dollars for better seats, and VIP seating can run above $700.

“From the American presidency to the halls of the Senate and State Department, to one of the United States’ most controversial and unpredictable presidential elections, they provide a unique perspective on the past, and remarkable insight into where we go from here,” a news release said.

The Clintons will embark across North America as Democrats gear up for the 2020 presidential election. Their appearances also come at a critical time for the #MeToo movement, which has brought renewed scrutiny to the Clintons’ actions.

There is not a shadow of doubt in my mind that the current environment of politics is the result of things that happen to the Clintons in the 90s. Democrats treated the Clintons and the Gores as the new John F. Kennedy’s when they were elected. When Bill got in trouble for his Oval Office shenanigans, the Republicans chose to seize that moment and take him down. Democrats resented the handling of his situation and a huge rift opened up and has been growing worse.

I remember the tone of Congress before all of this craziness, and even though both political parties had ideological differences, they were still cordial. Hell, they were still able to get a few things done. These days they can’t get anything done. As a matter fact, it’s been years since they were able to pass a budget for our nation. All we keep witnessing is the passing of continuing resolutions and omnibus bills worth $1 trillion.

I wonder if you ever noticed that the American people are being destroyed, pulled apart by these politicians who can’t get along?

Republicans have a leader in President Donald Trump who is trying to autocorrect the problems and discrepancies created and left by Barack Obama. The Democrats don’t have a leader but are pushing out a “hate and resistance” message that will only grow a bad harvest.

At stake here is a feature of our country but ask our leaders do they care and prepare to get nothing back.

The Clintons are trying to recoup of the losses they have acquired since losing their foundation. I am not saying they aren’t rich right now, but they aren’t as rich as they used to be. Their power and influence are waning, and they are trying to hold on to it as long as they can.

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