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Biden: When Trump Leaves, Republicans Will Change Because They “Know Better”

I am in the short line of independent conservatives who think former Vice President Joe Biden will win the 2020 Democratic nomination, but that doesn’t deter me.

Biden is ahead of the field this time around, and being a former VP of the United States doesn’t hurt. His brand of being an expert at playing at the heartstrings of Americans is legendary, and that alone has him at the top of the polls right now.

Biden has been around D.C. for decades, which gives him the ability to speak double and acting as a historical revisionist. Biden thinks that the “Republicans know better” and would be a lot more receptive to work with Democrats after Trump is gone from office.

Biden: “Here’s the deal: we all know, and I don’t think this is hyperbole, we all know in our gut this election is the most important election we’ve ever engaged in ― and not just because I’m running”

What we saw before Trump was a Republican party that didn’t know the definition of compromising, so they just gave in to many of the demands of Congress Democrats. That is one of the major reasons why Americans stood behind Pres. Trump. They knew he wasn’t going to compromise to lose; he had a win-first strategy.

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Biden, who is leading a crowded pack of Democrats hoping to unseat Trump next year, issued a terse warning to those gathered at the event, telling supporters that four years of Trump would merely be an “aberration,” but anything longer would be devastating.

Biden: “Eight years of Donald Trump will fundamentally change who we are in profound ways. With Trump gone you’re going to begin to see things change. Because these folks know better. They know this isn’t what they’re supposed to be doing.”

“Eight years of Donald Trump will fundamentally change who we are in profound ways” Did he mean more economic success than the previous administration, by a factor of two? April jobs numbers are out now, best job creation month in forever. Setting records and winning is a good thing, Joe.

If by chance you do get elected then you will be out of excuses and promises to fix some of the problems you have caused and will cause with ideas like free medical care, free college, a minimum wage that businesses can not afford or sustain, illegals overwhelming social programs taking away services from citizens, and third country Muslims wanting to establish Sharia law and their own enclaves.

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It’s not the first time Biden has touted the return of bipartisanship, and while I agree that there should be bipartisanship, the problem is that Democrats seem to think that bipartisanship means they get exactly what they want, at all times.

The sad thing about Joe is that after being a politician for over 40 years without a single accomplishment to point to, he thinks he is great. Biden is the poster boy for “good-old-boy” politics, where the players get rich, and the taxpayers get fleeced. Trump has changed this dynamic.


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