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[VIDEO] Watch: Biden Appears Unable to Stay Awake During Shocking MSNBC Interview

A recent interview with 2020 hopeful Joe Biden appeared to be a real snore.


Yikes! It looked as if Great Grandpa Joe was unable to stay awake during an interview with Andrea Mitchell.

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Conservative Pundit Mark Dice put a clip of the shocking and alarming MSNBC interview on his Twitter feed and posted “Not Doctored.”

If it’s not doctored, this could be of the most disturbing “political interviews” ever – and it raises even more questions about Mr. Biden’s “mental fitness.”

Recently, Fox News Senior Political Analyst Brit Hume called Biden’s so-called gaffes and blunders out as “dementia.”

Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume suggested that 2020 Democratic front-runner Joe Biden is suffering from creeping senility.

Responding to Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s assessment that Biden, 76, seemingly doesn’t even want to be president, Hume said, “I think he’s always wanted to be president. He has tried it before repeatedly, right? Hasn’t worked out. I think now perhaps he thinks it’s his turn.” Hume went on to say that Biden’s gaffe-prone style has been a problem for him in the past, but that his more recent blunders likely indicate something more serious. [Washington Examiner]

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Watch the video:

Liberal Twitter users instantly claimed the video was not “real.” However, Mr. Dice, once again spoke out and claimed the video is not altered.

You’ll recall that recently, Mr. Biden was exposed for telling a “fake” war story on the campaign trail.

Many people speculate that Biden may have misremembered a string of different events in his life, and strung them together as one story – another possible sign that Great Grandpa Joe isn’t in his mental prime?

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