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[VIDEO] Biden’s “Virtual Town Hall” is an Unmitigated Disaster, Complete With Tech Difficulties, Confusion, Wandering off Camera

Joe Biden held what many are calling a “disastrous” virtual town hall.

The entire thing was a mess from start to finish.

Don’t believe me?  Check this out:

Even WAPO’s Matt Viser had to admit it was a total bust.

The really scary part for Joe and the Dems should be that he only attracted 5k people:

At one point the camera was fixed on unknown people and a baby was crying:

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But technical difficulties weren’t the only issues.

Biden also had another one of his infamous “senior moments” during the town hall.

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The former vice president seems to have forgotten how and when a president takes office after winning a general election, first claiming that he’ll be in office in two years.

Then he claimed it was a year.

Then it was between now and November.

And finally, he got it right and said he would theoretically become president in January of 2021.

Someone please, get this guy off the campaign trail and into an assisted living ASAP.

Watch the video:

Twitter users were disturbed and amused by Biden’s latest slip-up, with many stating that he’s clearing suffering from some kind of dementia.

“I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on tv, but there are some signs of dementia with old harry Joe.”

“Guy doesnt even know what planet he’s on”

“The poor guy can’t go a day without a major gaffe. During a PLANNED communication. Not one day. Go fishing Joe. Enjoy your golden years.”

“Rapidly snowballing into dementia. Hillary’s going to make her move soon. I don’t see any other reason they’re letting him continue. Shame on her. Elder abuse. She won’t win but if she steps in she should be held accountable for exploiting him. His wife too.”

And at one point, he just “wandered off.”

You can watch the video of the wandering off below (second video)

Seriously, his family should be ashamed of themselves for allowing Biden to humiliate and strain himself like this.

It’s honestly verging on elder abuse.

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