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Biden Jokes With Kid On Stage — He Gave Me Permission To Touch Him All Right?

Former Vice President Joe Biden showed up at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Conference and shocked the audience with an action that shouldn’t be condoned by anyone.

Biden brought a kid up on stage during his speech, put his arms around him and said, “He gave me permission to touch him all right? Everyone knows I like kids better than people.”

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Embarrassingly stupid. He used a kid as a prop to make light of the troubles his penchant for “affection” has brought him. I doubt this will play very well in Peoria. I’m tired of the Left giving a pass for their folks when they would crucify someone on the Right for doing the same thing. The double-standard is getting so old, it stinks.

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Not that anyone cares, but old Joe has a long history of public service and accomplishing nothing. Decades and decades of cashing his paychecks, for his service, and all he has managed to do is get elected, and spent record amounts of hours riding the Amtrak, back and forth to Mom’s place.

Does anyone remember Sandy Berger, Bill Clinton’s man? The same man who went to the National Archives and started stuffing documents down his pants? The left all said the same thing about Sandy, oh that’s just the way he is.

Hillary, abusing regulations, protocols, and laws, but that’s how she is, she doesn’t mean any harm, and no intent to break all the laws she broke. Democrats are never held accountable for their failures because that’s the way they are.

But look how the Democrats are breaking laws to take out the POTUS, and after over two years, they are still looking for a crime. It’s how they are looking that is dangerous.

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There is a reason why former VP’s are rarely elected President in the modern era. Before Watergate in the first half of the 20th Century, the Vice Presidency was viewed by the parties as a safe place to dump inconvenient firebrands and troublemakers to get them out of the Senate and force them to shut up. That worked well until Teddy Roosevelt, one of those troublesome types ascended to the Presidency after McKinley’s assassination. Following that the Veep was selected as a means to appeal to a specific demographic or region. If the President is from the North, pick a Southerner.

After Watergate, the main determinant for selecting the Veep was to pick a pleasant and amiable moron, such that the President would always look better standing next to them. This generally makes it a bit harder to elect the moron President themselves. And god forbid they do succeed you get a moron selecting an even bigger moron as their Veep (The Dan Quayle effect). We already see that in effect with the chatter of Biden wanting Stacy Abrams as his running mate. Yeah when you are selecting for stupider than Joe Biden, Abrams is where you end up.

The excuses being made to defend Biden by Republicans and Democrats are pathetic. It has never been acceptable to hug or touch women one does not know other than a handshake. This is not changing cultural norms or defensible non-sexual behavior. “Touchy, affectionate or huggy” people” have been required to act appropriately for decades.

What is new is that in the “MeToo” era, the media can no longer ignore Biden’s creepy inappropriate behavior.

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