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[VIDEO] WATCH: Biden Speaks to ‘TENS OF PEOPLE’ At Labor Day Campaign Event LOL

Imagine being the Democrat frontrunner during a presidential election year and only drawing “tens of people” at a major Labor Day campaign event…

Well, if you’re struggling Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden you don’t have to “imagine” that happening, because sadly, it’s your reality.

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Joe Biden likes to position himself as the most union-friendly candidate, but the feeling doesn’t seem to be mutual — at least, judging by turnout.

For the last few years, Biden has appeared in Detroit for the Labor Day union parade there, but this year, he opted for Iowa, a critical early state in the primary process.

During a stop in Iowa City — the fifth largest city in the state — only tens of unionists turned out to see the so-called front runner.

Speaking for about 3 minutes and standing on a picnic table seat, Biden said, “You built the middle class. That’s not hyperbole, that’s a fact.”

The former vice president drew a smattering of applause when he contended non-compete agreements are intended to “suppress wages.”

Two minutes into his remarks, he said he wouldn’t take anymore of the unionists time, and closed, “I have a record, I think if you take a look at it, I don’t think anybody running has been more supportive of labor than I’ve been my whole career.

“There’s an old expression back where I come from: You’re all the ones who brung me to the dance,” as a lone person burst into laughter. [American Mirror]

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