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[VIDEO] Unstable and Wobbly Joe Biden Gets Help From Campaign Advisor to Walk to Car

Yikes, Biden is looking about as good as Hillary did during the 2016 election.

And just in case anyone forgot, Hillary wasn’t looking too hot back then.

Though Biden isn’t having to be hoisted up into an SUV quite yet, he is shown in this video looking quite a bit off balance.

So much so that his campaign aide Symone Sanders rushes to steady him.

Watch the video:

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Biden is clearly not fit to be walking down a sidewalk, let alone running for president.

It’s really getting to the point of absurdity all the mental slip-ups he’s having and now he can’t even walk on a seemingly level slab of concrete.

Some Twitter users are showing some concern for Biden’s well-being, after all, he is a pawn being used by the Democrats against Trump.

If it wasn’t for them, Biden would be in retirement right now.

Where he should be.

“This video is actually more alarming than the visible anger in the earlier appearance highlighting mid-state dementia. These are caregivers not campaign workers.”

“I have had family members with Alzheimers and dementia. There is a “look” to it. The poor man has the look.”

Then, of course, there were comparisons to Hillary’s famous fall that was shared above.

“Where’s Hillary’s Scooby Doo Van when needed?”

This really is getting hard to watch.

Clearly, this poor man just needs to drop out and go get some rest.

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