Bi-Partisan House Passes Huge $696 Billion Defense Policy Bill To Fix What Obama Tore Down!

President Trump campaigned on modernizing the military and fixing what Barack Obama broke and the Republican-led House helped him keep that promise with the passing of H.R. 2810(115).

Well, I will be darned, some work has been done, this was an awesome vote coming from the House. President Trump will be pleased he got more than he asked for.

I am glad to hear that they came together and gave our military what they need and so rightly deserved. Hope this needs they will get need equipment that will keep them safer than they are today.

Source: Politico

The House passed on Friday a sweeping $696 billion defense policy bill that would exceed President Donald Trump’s budget request and break through longstanding caps on national defense spending.

The fiscal 2018 National Defense Authorization Act H.R. 2810 (115) was approved 344 to 81, gaining the support of 117 Democrats and all but eight Republicans.

Now “We the People” need to know the names of the eight Republicans that voted against this bill, so “We the People” can get them out of office.

The bill would exceed the president’s $603 billion defense budget request. But it also would blow past the $549 billion cap on defense spending set under the 2011 Budget Control Act by about $72 billion. For the funding scheme to work, lawmakers would need to strike a deal to increase or repeal the budget caps.

The Senate Armed Services Committee approved its version S. 1519 (115) of the annual legislation last month. The full Senate has yet to take up the bill.

The House measure would authorize $621.5 billion for national defense programs, including the Pentagon’s base budget and nuclear programs under the Energy Department, as well as another $75 billion in war funding.

It would be good to see the list of those who voted against the bill. If they did it just to oppose the President then it’s our duty to vote them out. National security is #1 on my list and what’s all this transgender crap that keeps coming up?

Our military needs the money and they deserve it! Unlike our welfare programs for people who don’t do anything!

What do you think about this bi-partisan bill passage? Share your opinions below in the comment section.

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