Beyonce (Fakeyonce) Knowles Wears Revealing Fake Breast Dress on Stage during Opening Night of Serbian Concert

NOTE: Beyonce’s costumes created by fashion designers Julien Macdonald and DSquared2, included a headline-grabbing gold bodysuit, decorated with the outline of glittering breasts, which became a huge talking point among fans.

Let’s have a come to Jesus moment shall we:

Beyonce realizes that other celebrities have taken the spot light, so she goes out of her way to get attention. It is sad. She is beautiful, talented woman. However, there are other ways to make headlines her and Jay-Z are filthy rich, why not become humanitarians or back a certain charity? Give back to the community? She seems very egotistic and doesn’t appreciate her fans as much. Her visit to Trinidad was a classic example of how self-centered she is.

beyonce (fake boobs)
NOTE: This is a dress and not her real breast showing through the sheen. Michelle Obama’s Role Model for Her Daughters

My two 9-year old daughters rarely ever speak about Beyonce and I am glad. I am happy that my daughters don’t pick up the pole stripper act that she finds entertaining.

With that said, looks like Fakeyonce has channeled Josephine Baker in her latest stunt to sell tickets. I believe she her husband Jay-Z are trying to prove they are as offensive as they want & most will “Bow Down” & accept it, what Hubris. Why act like a pole dancer or a certified stripper? I am not understanding that.

The ever graceful Sade

Take Sade. Graceful, elegant, Beautiful and sells out stadiums across the world. Her music stands the test of time and she is humble, someone Beyonce should really look up to. It seems that someone has told her that she is the most beautiful person in the world and not hating, she is not even in the top 5. Beauty is not only outside but inside and while her outside could be seen as a top 5 contestant, her selfish inside knocks her out of the top 50.

I know liberals really do not care about marriage anymore but Beyonce is married, with a child and she storms up on a stage like that. It’s bad enough she is almost nude when she performs. She is a role model for many of our youth and they feel its okay be almost naked because Beyonce does it.

I understand she says she’s saved by Grace. According to what Bible and what verse and scripture and does Grace know that?



Wayne Dupree

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