Bette Midler Suggests Maybe Someone In Trump Camp Could Gently “Shive” The Sitting President

There’s no doubt that Bette Midler is going to claim she was joking but with all of the mentally challenge liberals walking around the nation like the Walking Dead, whose to say that some idiot will discard this and take it up as a call to arms?

Bill Clinton supporter, and Donald Trump hater Midler might be getting a visit from the Secret Service after suggested someone taking a knife to the Commander-in-chief.

Midler: He actually looks better here! Maybe someone in his camp can gently give him a shiv. I mean, shove.

Have you noticed most of these Hollyweirds speaking out against our President, have failing careers, it’s just for publicity. Just like her character in ‘Ruthless People,’ it’s funny how her acting was not acting, just rehearsing her genuinely deep, psychologically damaging hate so she’d be prepared to make a career out of hate when her acting fizzled out.

As you can see, Midler was responding to another Trump hater Michael Moore, who was throwing a tantrum that President Trump had visited the McLean Bible Church, located in Virginia, this past Sunday.

Moore: Seriously, WTF is this? At what the WH said was “a memorial for the 12 shot dead in Virginia Beach” (it wasn’t), Trump, looking nothing like Trump, randomly wanders onto the altar in his golf shoes & cap, decides to stay for 15 min, then leaves, having thrown his curve at reality

Scratch the surface, and they reveal themselves for what they are. Bette Midler, Kathy Griffin, Jim Carey–the whole lot of them. They are not worth idolizing or watching. They are the moral bottom feeders of our society.

If Midler weren’t a celebrity, she’d be in leg irons right now. Remember when liberals all but lynched a rodeo clown that wore an Obama mask during a performance?

Trump is and always will be known as a builder, but if we have learned anything over the past 2.5 years that he’s been in the White House, he is a professional at breaking nasty things.

Trump single-handedly broke Kathy Griffin. He broke her badly. He broke Michael Moore. He reduced Hillary Clinton to a frail and bitter old dystaxic drunk. He broke both Michael Avenatti and Stormy Daniels. He broke Rosie O’Donnell. He broke his former aide Omarosa. He’s in the process of breaking the anti-Trump propaganda network CNN completely.

Everyone who goes up against Trump loses. It’s uncanny how some celebrity or athlete goes off on an anti-Trump rant and then fails professionally in some fashion, sometimes in unrelated ways and he still has 5.2 years to go, including re-election.


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