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O’Rourke — Trump Sought To Collude With Russia Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt

Nothing will change with these delusional people and America should hit the pause button and then delete all of this negative, evilness.

Dems are incapable of mentally shifting from the two-year lie of Russian collusion, and it is sad. Their mentally ill base will continue to soak up the lie that they spread out for them. At some point, people like, 2020 Democrat Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke and the Democrat herd of dutiful lemmings will have to face the music.

Robert Mueller will issue no more indictments so go yell at the sky. Instead of standing in front of Americans and continuing to push a fake narrative.

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You have a president who, in my opinion, beyond a shadow of a doubt, sought to, no matter how ham-handedly, to collude with the Russian government, a foreign power to undermine and influence our elections. The sanctity of the ballot box, the ability of each and every single one of us to make informed decisions about those who seek to represent us and hold positions of public trust.

This illustrates a basic point about leftists: they never admit they are wrong. Ever.

Democrats have been talking up Mueller for the past two years on how he was an American hero, a man of integrity and passion, an expert, and a man who honors the law and his country.

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Now, as soon as he’s done with a 652-day investigation, they say his findings are not good enough, that he’s hiding something, that he wasn’t thorough as he could have been, as the report hasn’t even been released to Congress yet. They do not know what is in it and they are falling over themselves.

Remember when Dems wanted Robert Mueller to be allowed to complete his investigation, and when the result (as far as we know) did not implicate POTUS, they now want to investigate Mueller and his team because the outcome does not fit the narrative that has been their mantra for the last two years. Lies, so many lies.

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