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Bernie Sanders — We Must Take On NRA And Ban Sale Of Assault Weapons In USA

Late Wednesday night, we learned that New Zealand was banning semi-auto rifles in the wake of the Christchurch massacre last weekend.

Sen. Bernie Sanders wants our nation to do the same thing, which many of us knew was coming when we heard the proposal of the New Zealand Prime Minister. Sometimes, I do not understand why Bernie is a Senator in this country when he loves other countries.

In the words of Bugs Bunny, “What a maroon!”

There’s no way Bernie has ever read the Constitution. When the second goes, immediately following, will be the few that stand for liberty, taking back Congress and the courts that rightfully belong to the people to protect the Constitution.

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New Zealand can ban guns if they like, that’s their prerogative, but here in the United States, we have the 2nd amendment, and that can’t be overlooked no matter what Democrats say. Sanders wants a ban on every firearm in our country as “assault rifle” can be attributed to ALL firearms that are in regular, legal use on an everyday basis.

It would be pretty hard to exterminate millions if they have the means to fight back, just as it would be hard to lynch someone if they and their friends and family have the means of defense. One doubts that the cartels would rule Mexico, Maduro would rule Venezuela, Castro Cuba, etc. if the people had effective means of self-defense and self-determination.

There’s a process for rescinding an amendment to the constitution. Introduce legislation to rescind the second amendment and see how far you get. Even if by the wildest stretch of the imagination you were to get elected president you can’t just abolish amendments you don’t like. You’re a senator; you should know all of this!

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I would be curious to know that other rights Bernie would like to take away. The right to bear arms is a human right, recognized by our founding fathers and entered into the constitution. It is an individual right, just like all of the first ten amendments, all individual rights and the right to bear arms helps secure all other rights.

Believe it or not, quite a few Americans are willing to die to protect their constitutional right to own a firearm sufficient to defend their territory against invaders or lawbreakers effectively.

I love that the Dems feel confident enough, to be honest for once. They have gone full spectrum totalitarian. From Green New Deals to disarming America and eliminating the free press, this will destroy them in 2020.

The criminals and drug cartels are already lining up outside the courthouses to turn in their Obama and Holder, Fast and Furious fully automatic rifles. They are putting up those pop-up tents so they can be first in line. Sanders’ bodyguards, not so much.

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