Election 2020

Bernie Wants $15 Minimum Wage Across America But Tells Campaign Workers NO!

Maybe the funniest thing I have heard this year.

Sen. Bernie Sanders reportedly does not want to pay his campaign workers $15 an hour even though he’s been preaching that wage hike all over the nation. Once again, we see another example of how liberals love to spend other people’s money, but not so much of their own.

But thanks Bernie, great story heading into the weekend.

Shouldn’t Sanders lead by example? It is ironic that the guy who is telling us that he will support a $15.00 per hour minimum wage if elected President pays campaign workers less than that. Sounds like a case of “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Another report said that Sander’s campaign is considering reducing worker hours to make sure all workers receive at least $15 per hour. So reduce hours, and each worker earns less in the end. This is the glory of Socialism.

These people who are asking for $15 per hour obviously don’t shop where they work, or they would also be asking why. And Bernie supporting it is just looking for votes from the younger crowd who work these jobs. These jobs were never intended to be a career choice but only as a stepping stone for a career job.

Sanders is part of the problem with the DNC who turned his back on his supporters in 2016 to garnish favor with the DNC who defamed and corrupted his presidential bid. Do not waste your money on this flimflam artist.

Margaret Thatcher said it best. ‘The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.’ In this case, it will be the working-class Americans the will be taxed into poverty for the greater good or at least Bernies idea of the greater good.


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