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Benghazi’s Susan Rice Warns Trump WH Distorting Facts; Twitter Hits Back!

Susan Rice who went on Sunday talk shows in the direction of the Barack Obama White House, to lie about the Benghazi attack is now calling out the Trump administration.

If we don’t call out this hypocrisy, who will? Most of you remember watching Ambassador Rice blame a YouTube videotape as the reason for the murder of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya.

Rice was covering for Hillary Clinton who screwed up the entire operation when she distorted the facts and a lot of us knew about it and called her out on it.

Now Rice is speaking out against President Trump and his administration as if what they did is forgotten.

Have you forgotten what the Obama admin did to the Benghazi hearings? How they covered up the murders of the Benghazi four? How they tried to make it seem as if conservatives were crazy and chased unicorns for the truth?

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