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BEHNA: Washington Times Columnist Says Obama “Routinely” Kept Them Out Of WH Press Gaggles

On Sunday, Washington Times columnist Charles Hurt said on Fox & Friends that President Obama would “routinely” keep them out of his White House press gaggles.

Fox News tweeted he wrote, “A column that I wrote in 2008 got me kicked off of President Obama’s campaign plane.”

The video provided by Fox News is below.

It comes after President Trump blocked several liberal outlets from a White House press gaggle on Friday. In response, the media flipped out, calling it a violation of the First Amendment.

White House Spokesperson Sarah Sanders explained the gaggle would take place in Sean Spicer’s office, which had limited room. USA Today has more details on the reason media was limited.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said the White House had never planned to do a full press briefing Friday, because Trump was speaking in the morning, and the president of Peru was scheduled to visit the White House. The White House schedule released Thursday evening said there would be a gaggle, not a full briefing.

“There is a limited amount of room in Sean’s office and we wanted to do an informal gaggle,” Sanders said. “No precedent here. The pool was included so that everyone could get info.”

Now compare that in the final days leading up to the 2008 election with Barack Obama’s campaign explanation for kicking certain media outlets off the airplane.

“Unfortunately, demand for seats on the plane during this final weekend has far exceeded supply, and because of logistical issues we made the decision not to add a second plane,” said Obama campaign senior adviser Anita Dunn.

“This means we’ve had to make hard and unpleasant for all concerned decisions about limiting some news organizations and in some cases not being in a position to offer space to news organizations altogether,” she said.

Both instances used the same reason for limiting media outlets, yet only Trump’s administration got blasted by the mainstream media. There was no outrage for Obama.

And as Hurt mentioned, they were kept out from Obama’s White House press gaggles on a regular basis.

The double standards we are seeing are getting out of control. It is inexcusable and unprofessional.

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