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BEHNA: These 10 Democrats Who Voted For Judge Neil Gorsuch In 2006 Might Now Flip Flop

On Tuesday night, President Trump nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court.

In 2006 he served on the US Court of Appeals and was confirmed by 12 Democrats who are currently in the Senate, as shown below.

So far all of them except Senators Tom Carper and Maria Cantwell have released statements on Trump’s nominee.

And now these 10 Democrats could possibly change their mind on confirming Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, based on their statements shown below.

Dick Durbin. From Belleville News-Democrat.

The American people need to know what they can expect from this nominee, and that he will protect our fundamental constitutional rights on issues like voting rights, immigration, privacy, and women’s health.

Bill Nelson

“The confirmation of a Supreme Court justice is an awesome responsibility that I gladly accept. I will base my decision on a full examination of Judge Gorsuch’s judicial record and his responses to senators’ questions.”

Debbie Stabenow, according to Newsmax.

Michigan Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow said Tuesday night she had “great concerns” about President Donald Trump’s nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch as a justice of the Supreme Court.

“I have great concerns about this nominee,” she added. “I’ll listen, I’ll meet with him. The cases I’ve seen that he has ruled on I’m very concerned about. But I think the biggest thing is that it needs to be a coming together and you do that with 60 votes.”

Bob Menendez

I plan to carefully and closely review Judge Gorsuch’s entire legal career and judicial record, meet with him personally and determine if his interpretation of our Constitution is representative of long-standing American values. He must prove his dedication to fairness, nondiscriminatory justice, the equal protection of all Americans under the law, and the ideals of this country.

Most importantly, as a Supreme Court Justice, Judge Gorsuch must demonstrate he understands that the Supreme Court is the main safeguard of our Constitution and must remain an independent, equal branch of government, and no Justice can be beholden to the interests of any one person or group – including those of the president who appoints him.

None of them directly say they won’t confirm Gorsuch, but it is very odd that they supported him 2006 and now don’t sound so sure how they will vote for him this time around. Most likely, they’re playing politics.

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