BEHNA: President Trump On Twitter Responds To Chicago Shootings, Says “Chicago Needs Help!”

On Thursday, President Donald Trump responded on Twitter to the news about seven people shot and killed in Chicago on Wednesday.

Trump’s tweet is below.

“Seven people shot and killed yesterday in Chicago. What is going on there – totally out of control. Chicago needs help!”

On Wednesday, seven people, including a pregnant woman, were tragically gunned down.

The Chicago Tribune reported it marked the deadliest day in Chicago this year.

Unfortunately, the number of homicides this year is on par with last year’s number so far.

Through Wednesday, the Police Department counted 91 homicides, just two less than the year-earlier period. But Tribune data — which include expressway killings and fatal shootings by police as well as those ruled justified by police — put homicides at 99, up from 97.

Even by the department’s own numbers, shooting incidents have risen to 379 through Wednesday, up slightly from 365 a year earlier.

No arrests have occurred.

It was not the first time Trump commented on Chicago’s out of control shootings.

Last month on Twitter, he threatened to send in the Feds if the city did not improve.

Many Trump supporters backed the idea. Others believed it would not be best to have the federal government involved.

However, everybody can agree with him that Chicago’s crime is a huge problem that must be solved. All Americans should deserve to feel safe wherever they live.

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