BEHNA: Leftist Twitter Users Attack Trump Commemorating Ryan Owens During Joint Session Speech

On Tuesday night during the joint session of Congress, President Trump commemorated fallen Navy Seal Ryan Owens and his widow.

Despite it resulting in the longest standing ovation of the night, liberals on Twitter still criticized him.

I suppose nothing Trump does is ever good enough for them.

Donald Trump ordered the Yemen mission that killed Officer William “Ryan” Owens (a.k.a. the man he is currently collecting applause for)

I cannot STAND draft-dodgers sending men to their deaths and then exploiting the grieving aftermath. F–k you, Donald.

Trump is using the Navy SEAL’s widow to defend the Yemen raid—just hours after he blamed Obama and the military for it.

4/ So… no, it doesn’t surprise me Trump just used the memory of Chief Petty Officer Ryan Owens like some cheap condom.

Trump sent a soldier off to die in a half-baked raid and then used his grieving widow as a prop. I’m still processing this.

And, y’know, the fact that he ordered the raid with next to no thought and consideration

Reminder: it is now the second time *this week* Trump has used this slain Navy SEAL as a political prop. It’s gross and offensive.

I’m still troubled by Trump’s exploitation of the death of Ryan Owens. Especially when family members of US soldiers can be deported.

Trump got a SEAL killed on an uninformed decision, blamed his death on the military, & is using his widow as a political prop

NO. Trump is using a veteran seal who was killed on a mission that wasn’t vetted-to stroke his ego massage. NO.

Trump got a Navy SEAL killed because he was told Obama was too pussy to approve of the mission and then used his widow to swoon the press

Pretty pathetic of Trump exploiting a fallen soldier for applause, considering the fact he won’t take responsibility for Ryan Owens’ death.

Trump is all about praise, self-congratulations, awards. He just used a fallen hero to defend BAD raid, joked about applause.

Trump uses long applause for widow of fallen Navy Seal Ryan Owens to counter criticism by Seal’s dad of Yemen raid. Shameful.

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