BEHNA: John Boehner Believes GOP Will Not Repeal And Replace Obamacare

On Thursday at a healthcare conference in Florida, former U.S. House Speaker John Boehner believes Congressional Republicans will end up not repealing and replacing Obamacare.

Politico reports that Boehner thinks they will just try to fix Obamacare.

“They’ll fix Obamacare, and I shouldn’t have called it repeal and replace because that’s not what’s going to happen. They’re basically going to fix the flaws and put a more conservative box around it,” Boehner said.

He thought all this “happy talk” by them was overrated and just all talk.

“In the 25 years that I served in the United States Congress, Republicans never, ever, one time agreed on what a health care proposal should look like. Not once,” Boehner said. “And all this happy talk that went on in November and December and January about repeal, repeal, repeal—yeah, we’ll do replace, replace—I started laughing, because if you pass repeal without replace, first, anything that happens is your fault. You broke it.”

It is possible that Republicans could break their promise, which would upset me a lot, and not deliver. However, current U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan, who I think is much better than Boehner so far, said they plan to introduce a repeal and replace plan next week after recess.

And I am also skeptical of Boehner’s reasoning.

He is reflecting on the past 25 years, but not focusing on the present and future. Just because they couldn’t agree on a plan before does not mean it will happen again in the future. There are some Republicans who already have possible replacement proposals.

Keep in mind Boehner was not the best House Speaker either. Not only did he fail to stand up to Obama frequently, but also trashed Tea Party conservatives such as Ted Cruz, once calling him the devil.

If Boehner is right on anything, it is that Republicans need to come together and agree on the replacement plan.

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Wayne Dupree

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