BEHNA: GOOD! Army General Says U.S. Forces Killed 60,000 ISIS Militants In Two Years

In December, it was reported U.S. forces killed approximately 50,000 ISIS militants in the past two years.

On Tuesday, Army General Raymond Thomas said the number is over 60,000.

CNN has more details shown below.

“We have killed over 60,000,” Gen. Raymond “Tony” Thomas, commander of US Special Operations command, told a symposium Maryland.

Thomas oversees America’s elite Special Operations troops, including Navy SEALs and Army Green Berets, which have played a large role in combating the terror organization, including raids against key leaders.

The US-led coalition has ramped up airstrikes against the terror group’s self-declared capital in Raqqa, Syria, in recent weeks, while Iraqi troops, backed by US air power, have continued their assault on Mosul. They have so far succeeded in driving ISIS from the eastern part of Iraq’s second-largest city.

This uptick in fighting could be one reason for the new body count estimate, as coalition leaders have said that thousands of ISIS fighters have been killed in the battle for Mosul.

We are at war with radical Islamic terrorists. For the past eight years, former President Obama refused to utter these words. It is vital to identify who the enemy is and his political correctness does not do us any favors.

Although Obama deserves credit for these terrorists killed under his watch, he pulled out all of our troops in Iraq, creating a vacuum that allowed ISIS to take over and spread to other countries.

Hopefully, Trump will continue his pledge to be tough on terrorism. I am glad he is finally using the term radical Islam.

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