BEHNA: Corey Lewandowski Claims Obama Administration Also Wiretapped Then-Senator Jeff Sessions

On Saturday, former President Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski told Judge Jeanine Pirro of Fox News in an interview that the Obama administration also wiretapped then-Senator Jeff Sessions.

She said it was an “incredible” allegation for Trump to say the Obama administration wiretapped him.

In response, Lewandowski explained his reasoning.

“Yea, but judge here’s the issue. What we’ve seen from the previous administration is that they did spend time listening to conversations between then-Senator Jeff Sessions and the ambassador to Russia while he was in his U.S. Senate office, if that were to take place, which supposedly did take place.”

Pirro clarified by asking if they were listening to Sessions or Michael Flynn with Ambassador Kislyak.

Lewandowski said it was Sessions.

“No, I’m talking about Jeff Sessions. This previous administration has said they were aware of the conversation on two different occasions where then-Senator Jeff Sessions met with the ambassador, one time during the Republican National Convention, but more importantly, the second time he met with was in the United States Senate office in a federal building and they were monitoring what a United States Senator was having a private conversation which is what I understand.”

Pirro said she is unaware of these claims, but that the meetings are not problematic.

The full interview provided by Fox News is below.

Since Trump made the accusations on Saturday morning, the mainstream media has talked about this issue more than any other.

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