BEHNA: Chicago Mayor Blames Trump For Not Doing Anything About City’s Gun Violence

In response to President Trump’s joint session of Congress, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel released a statement on Tuesday, accusing him of not doing anything about the city’s gun violence.

The office of Chicago’s mayor tweeted “Appreciate the attention to Chicago, but prefer it come with federal resources attached: investments in police, our young people & in jobs.”

In the final paragraph, Emanuel said Trump should “do more than talk or tweet about it.”

Because this is so important, I’ll always be ready with this list whenever the President asks. The better question, I’d suggest, is whether the President cares enough about violence in our city to do more than talk or tweet about it.

He also said Chicago has “Made specific requests of the administration for greater law enforcement integration and resources.”

They have the most strict gun control in the nation, yet we see day in and day out the violence that takes place.

The other problem is the broken families that are fatherless, yet liberals always downplay this. Without both parents present, kids are joining gangs and involved in other criminal activity.

Whether or not people want to blame Trump, it is Chicago Democrats being in control for decades that ruined the city. It is their mess.

And there is a pattern when most places where Democrats are the majority tend to ruin them with their reckless policies.

Trump can try sending help in Chicago, but it isn’t his fault the city’s crime is out of control.

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