BEHNA: Catholic Archbishop Charles Chaput Blasts Trump Critics For Unfair Attacks

Roman Catholic Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia wrote a column on Friday slamming some critics of President Donald Trump for unfair attacks he has been facing.

Although he is concerned about Trump on some issues throughout the campaign, Chaput believes that some members of the opposition have gone way too far. Here is what he includes.

Since Inauguration Day critics of Donald Trump have marched, rioted, verbally abused and in some cases viciously assaulted their opponents on a scale previously unseen.

Mr. Trump is now President Trump, and curiously, some of the harshest, on-going fury directed at him has nothing to do with his personal character. Rather, it’s a very special brand of “progressive” intolerance for the approach his administration may take toward a range of difficult social issues, including abortion.

He also gives the president credit for wanting to defund Planned Parenthood and appointing a pro-life Supreme Court Justice. Chaput believes that the University of Notre Dame should honor him for it.

Of course, being “prolife” involves a great deal more than a defense of the unborn child, though it certainly needs to start there. Maybe the best way to amplify and elevate President Trump’s understanding of that word “prolife” would be for a premier Catholic university – say, for example, the University of Notre Dame – to invite him to campus to offer its commencement address, to explain his personal evolution on the abortion issue, and to share, listen and learn with a cross-section of students and faculty in a respectful dialogue on the meaning of human dignity.

Notre Dame takes pride in its tradition of welcoming to campus U.S. presidents from both parties and with very different views. In that light, the invitation would certainly make sense and might be fruitful in unforeseen ways. God writes straight with crooked lines.

I think he gives a fair analysis here. He may not agree with Trump 100% but is willing to give him credit where it is due. The archbishop is definitely correct that these riots and protests have gone too far and need to be scaled down. We have one president who represents all of America, whether you agree or disagree with his policies.

Chaput has led the Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia since 2011, previously serving as Archbishop of Denver.

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