BEHNA: BREAKING! Senate Confirms Scott Pruitt For New EPA Administrator

On Friday afternoon, the Senate confirmed President Donald Trump’s nominee Scott Pruitt to become EPA Administrator.

He previously served as Oklahoma’s Attorney General since 2011.

The only Republican to vote no was Susan Collins of Maine. She disagreed with his view on the EPA and climate change. Senators Heitkamp and Manchin were the only two Democrats to vote yes.

The Democrats opposed Pruitt, using old talking points that he is a “climate-change denier” and would ruin the environment. They were also cautious when a judge ordered him to hand over “thousands of emails.”

NBC News had more details what the judge was requesting.

On the eve of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt’s confirmation vote to be head of the Environmental Protection Agency, a judge from the Sooner State ordered the release of thousands of emails between his office and fossil fuel companies.

The Center for Media and Democracy (CMD), requested the emails from 2014.

According to the court filing, the CMD alleged that Pruitt and his office continued “to deny access to specific requested public records in violation of the Oklahoma Open Records Act” after it had filed more than eight requests.

Out of all the days, it seems strange the judge is ordering this now. Many Democrats used this as an excuse to request delaying the vote.

He also had the courage to sue the EPA numerous times, which the Democrats hated since they’re obsessed with a big, federal government.

The smear tactics attempted on Pruitt were pathetic. They echoed the voice of Obama, who once claimed Republicans wanted dirty air and dirty water.

Fortunately, Republicans stayed united and passed a nominee who should be a good choice.

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