BEHNA: After Milo, Twitter Users Also Blast George Takei For Similar Comments On Pederasty

After Milo got in trouble for getting caught with comments condoning pederasty, it turns out gay Hollywood actor George Takei has done the same thing.

On Tuesday a clip was found when Takei was making the comments on the Howard Stern Show.

At 2:20 mark promotes pedophilia with 13 year old boys to Howard Stern.

Then other Twitter users followed suit to blast Takei.

When will you respond, ? How about you, ? When will the  24/7 MSM ever cover this story?

George Takei talking about pederasty–the same kind Milo was destroyed for. The other casters are getting off on it.

When says the same thing as Milo.

If you were (rightfully) outraged about Milo’s comments, you should be equally outraged about these comments by .

Just listened to this recording for the 1st time after being alerted to it by . This is AS BAD as Milo’s comments!

Oh good. So you will be denouncing and ostracizing George Takei shortly then?

George Takei Goes Into Graphic Detail & Approves Underage Sex Act With Older Man…When Will He Lose Endorsements?

Both sets of comments deserve censure, only difference is Milo apologised for his.

But now that George Takei got caught, the media needs to hold him equally accountable.

BOTH Takei and Milo should face the consequences. No excuses.

The comments are disgusting and shameful.

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