Beck Countersues Lahren; She Mistreated Staff, Made Unauthorized Public Appearances

Tomi Lahren probably didn’t see this one coming but Glenn Beck and TheBlaze has decided they are not going to be pushed into a media corner.

Beck and TheBlaze have just countersued Lahren and their reasons include how she was taken off air after a number of bad behavior moments which includes mistreatment of staff and making unauthorized appearances on mainstream TV.

Lahren didn’t want to stay silent. She sued Beck and the TheBlaze initially saying she was terminated but that was disputed by the network as they said she is still under contract and getting a paycheck. They just removed her from the airways.

Source: Law Newz

Beck came back swinging in a 35-page complaint obtained by and filed in Texas court on Monday. The countersuit states that Lahren was never fired from the network. Instead, the company claims the network decided to bench her from air after a slew of bad behavior including Lahren’s mistreatment of staff, and making public appearances without prior approval.

The lawsuit states that Lahren’s treatment of the floor crew was “inappropriate and unprofessional” and that she constantly complained about lighting, room temperature, editing, shooting and directing. The complaint also alleges that her “word choice on air” had to be addressed on a consistent basis because she border lined on profane.

In his response, Beck states that she was not fired from the network, and, in fact, she is an employee who continues to receive benefits and compensation. Instead, the suit contends, the company opted to exercise a standard “pay or play” clause which allows them to keep Lahren off air, and continue to pay her. The suit claims this decision was a culmination of bad behavior by the conservative star.

As for her controversial remarks, the court paperwork states that The Blaze does not take issue with Lahren’s comments simply because they expressed a pro-choice view. But, rather, the complaint states, “During her appearance, she made a statement that not only diverged dramatically from her previous public positions but also effectively called many of TheBlaze’s employees, viewers, and readers hypocrites.”

Do you believe the airing of a network’s dirty laundry should be happening? Who is going to win this fight? Share your comments below and let us know what you think.

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