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[VIDEO] Rally Crowd Chants “Barron, Barron, Barron” and President Trump Beams With Pride

President Trump doesn’t talk a lot about his youngest son Barron. He’s only 13-years-0ld and Trump-haters have been known to brutally attack him.

So, when he has a “proud Dad” moment and brags about Barron it’s especially heartwarming.

According to Dad, Barron loves working on computers and he’s sharp as a tack. President Trump says his son is a genius.

As a matter of fact, POTUS says that Barron could’ve built a better healthcare website than the Obama administration did.

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Remember that massive disaster that cost taxpayers a bloody fortune?

But the best part of the moment was when President Trump treated all his supporters with a sample “convo” that he and Barron have.

Trump says Barron always has his nose in computers and is completely unphased that his Dad is the leader of the free world.

Ha! Typical teenage kid, right?

The convo would go like this:

“‘Hi Dad! What’s up, Dad? Dad, get out of here.”

“Hey, listen. I’m the President of the United States, Barron.”

“Dad! Come on, Dad! Can’t you see I’m playing with my computer?’”

Ha ha ha, we love it! 

President Trump is truly amazed at how kids today are little “tech whizzes.”

“These guys are genius. You know, they grow up using computers all the time, it’s like walking. I could have given him the Obamacare healthcare site. And he would have done it for nothing and it would have been better than what they have!”

The crowd then started chanting, “Barron! Barron! Barron!”  Trump smiled broadly and with such pride.

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Trump said, “he’s going to like that. He’s a good boy. He’s a tall boy, I’ll tell you that.”

You can watch the video below:

What an amazing and very personal moment President Trump shared with his supporters.

This is why we all love him so much. He never talks down to us. He talks “with us,” and you feel like you’re part of his family.

That’s the “magic” of President Trump – and it’s genuine. You can’t fake that. People would see through it in a heartbeat.


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