Barr — I Don’t Understand Why The Trump Campaign Wasn’t Advised Or Briefed By DoJ

On Wednesday, Attorney General William Barr shocked Democrats by suggesting that then-candidate Donald Trump’s campaign might have been spied upon back in 2016.

Barr told the Senate Judiciary Committee that he was surprised Trump wasn’t told about the counterintelligence investigation into his campaign.

Lindsey Graham, Senate Judiciary Chairman, asked Barr “would it be odd that [Trump] was never briefed by the Department of Justice that a foreign entity may target [his] campaign?”

“That is one of the questions I have. I feel normally the campaign would have been advised of this…I don’t understand why the campaign was not advised.”

Barr said that if he were the Attorney General at the time of the investigation, things would have been different. He would have notified the Trump campaign about a possible connection to foreign activity, and he added that the investigation he has begun with his team would look into abuse of law enforcement powers and if they took place.




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