Actress Barkin Claims Trump’s Typos Prove He’s ‘Dumb’, Then She Makes A Spelling Mistake!

Anti-Trumper Ellen Barkin had nothing better to do than disparage Trump supporters as “dumb” so she could play the victim if they trolled her on social media for the claim.

The aging Hollywood celebrity mocked Trump’s spelling as evidence that he’s “dumb,” which may have held more weight had she not immediately made a spelling mistake herself, so what does that say about her?

Barkin: “Trump survivors, I mean supporters need to ask themselves only one question cuz the fact is irrefutable…Do you want a dumb president?”

“By now, even you know you’re all pretty dumb so let me rephrase my question…Do you want a president who is as dumb or dumber than you? Think about it…big words like compulsory or obligatory.”

“The dude can’t spell. I’m not talking about big words like compulsory or obligatory but a single syllable word…moat. He spells it ‘moot’. But moot is already a ward. With a very different meaning. Can you see how something like this could crate a dangerous situation?” Barkin asked.

“Create. Crate. Get it?”

Ellen seems to be ignorant of the fact that without a spell-check function, she’d most likely misspell every other word she types. She also seems to be ignorant of the fact that a speech-to-text function is also notorious for inserting the wrong word and misspelling common words.

It must be nice to elevate yourself so high above everyone else. Sounds like somebody needs to be knocked off their pedestal. Barkin is not shy about expressing her Trump-hate sentiments. The actress said last fall that Trump should be “removed” and “not just from office.”


Ellen is ‘Barkin’ Up The Wrong Tree. I wonder how many times she was asked by her ‘casting couch’ producers and directors, “Would you rather hate or eat?”

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