Bank Of America Cuts Ties With Companies That Service Detention Centers On Southern Border

Doesn’t anyone find it strange that this is easier than drying up George Soros’ bank accounts?

Bank of America has decided to end associations with companies that provide services to detention centers which were initially established by Barack Obama but not being currently blamed on Pres. Donald Trump.

Bank of America spokesman broke the news that they were going to “exit the relationships” with the providers even though the bank appreciates “steps they have taken to properly execute their contractual and humanitarian responsibilities.”

I have no type of financial relationship with Bank of America in any form, so I have no business which I can take away from them. I will, however, make sure that I never consider them for any potential future business.

Bank of America will no longer do business with private-prison companies and companies that are contracted by the government to detain migrants near the southern border.

We have decided to exit the relationship’’ Bank of America vice chairman Anne Finucane told Bloomberg on Wednesday. “We’ve done our due diligence that we said we would do at the annual meeting, and this is the decision we’ve made.’

The announcement comes after the Miami Herald revealed in May that Bank of America is the chief financier of Caliburn, a company contracted by the government to operate the Homestead Detention Facility. Bank of America had provided Caliburn a $380 million loan and a $75 million line of credit, according to the Herald.

Bank of America joins other major banks such as Chase and Wells Fargo in shunning the private-prison industry in response to activist pressure. [National Review]

On Wednesday, in addition to this, Wayfair employees walked out of company headquarters in Boston, protesting the sale of furniture to an illegal-alien detention facility in Texas. Wayfair buckled and responded by promising a $100,000 donation to the American Red Cross to assist illegal aliens at the border.

Thank God I am not a shareholder with Wayfair. When you have a publicly traded company that’s employees are allowed to disrupt business and reduce revenues because of a political stance, then you have a company operating illegally. It is against the law for Wayfair executives to turn down business. I don’t know what the law is, but the shareholders should sue.

Bank of America to cut ties with companies that help run immigrant detention centers, private prisons

I sincerely hope Wayfair takes that $100,000 out of the paychecks of every single employee that walked out.

Bank of “leftist extremism” America happily does business with China, a country that puts Muslims in prison for practicing their faith. They do it to Christians too, but radical leftist communist virtue signalers do not care about them. They also do business with Saudi Arabia where gays were thrown off a building to their deaths and women are treated as property.

These illegal aliens were not FORCED to come here, nor are they being prevented from leaving and going HOME. Also, they are here because George Soros is spending millions on campaigns throughout south and central America promising these leeches & criminals American citizenship, jobs & most importantly lots & lots of taxpayers provided welfare benefits.

Bank of America cuts business ties with detention centers, private prisons

Perhaps Bank of America would like to volunteer to fund the upkeep of these mostly criminals and pay for all the medical care needed because of all the diseases they are bringing with them. Then perhaps the executives will take at least 6 of the children into each of their houses, which would be a good many children placed in private homes. And last, they could pay for lawyers for all of them while they lie about how they are fleeing from tyrannical governments out to kill them. In the meantime, I suggest credit unions as an excellent alternative to banks.

So go to Bank of America’s website and contact everyone there that you can. Let them know that illegal aliens come here voluntarily and are free to leave and go home anytime they wish. Then remind them of the massive human rights abuses of the numerous countries they happily do business with every day.


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