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Baltimore Police Release Body Cam Footage of Teens Attacking Civilians And Causing Property Damage!

I live in Baltimore County, and I rarely ever venture down to the Inner Harbor anymore because of the crime or the potential for something to go down.

Baltimore police have decided to release disturbing footage of teens attacking vacationers and citizens because there are those who have been claiming the teens are being attacked and targeted for no reason.

Baltimore police have released body camera video that shows a disturbance that took place last weekend in the Inner Harbor. Police said they made several arrests Saturday after a large group of teens came to the downtown area. Police said officers got reports that the teens were fighting. According to witnesses, the teens also made threats and caused property damage. Others said the teens are being unfairly targeted.

“Unfairly targeted?” When Democrat leaders pushed for body cams, they never thought it would catch illegal activity on the other side. They just knew they would find bad cops every minute of the day and it would be justified but to see these groups of kids attack every day Americans for no reason or cause fear with these fast-moving packs of groups is not what the city of Baltimore needs.

Here is the local news report from just a couple of days ago:

Thanks for getting the truth out about Baltimore’s politicians lack will to keep control of this stuff.


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