Baltimore Police Detective Shot In Head With Own Gun Day Before Grand Jury Testimony

A Baltimore Police Detective, Sean Suiter, was shot and killed a day before he was to testify in a high profile case.

Reports are that he was shot with his gun.

I am just speculating with little to no information, but a person was able to walk up to him and take Detective Suiter’s gun and shoot him with it? Forgive me for saying this, but it’s most likely someone he knew. It probably was multiple culprits just putting it together. Somebody pulled a gun held him up while someone else to his weapon and they shot him and fled.

They are trying to put the pieces together right now, but this stinks.

Source: NBC Washington

Commissioner Kevin Davis announced the news to reporters a week after the detective was shot in the head in a West Baltimore vacant lot. Rumors have been running rampant about the unsolved slaying of Detective Sean Suiter.

The police commissioner’s latest revelation will do little to quell speculation. Davis emphasized that Suiter was not the target of any criminal investigation, but he was scheduled to testify before a grand jury “the day after he was murdered.”

The Baltimore police and the FBI do not have any evidence to suggest that Suiter’s slaying is “part of any conspiracy,” according to Davis. But he added “there’s nothing we won’t consider” and said he understands why there is speculation.

“It certainly makes for great theater,” Davis said.

The federal grand jury is investigating a group of Baltimore officers who worked together on a firearms crime task force and have been charged with stealing money, property and narcotics from people over two years. An indictment has described the members of the Gun Trace Task Force, a small unit dedicated to getting illegal guns off Baltimore’s streets, as using their position to allegedly threaten the innocent, detain people on false pretenses and steal their money. They are also accused of faking police reports, lying to investigators and defrauding their department.

I’m not buying into the Baltimore Police Department’s false narrative that they’re pushing through the media. Things aren’t adding up here. He was killed with his gun while his partner was there. No good description of the alleged suspect. He was set to testify before a Federal grand jury the NEXT DAY. This is all suspect to me, and then there’s that $230,000 reward that someone would’ve cashed in on already.

If the detective did testify, I’m wondering how bad that testimony would have made the Baltimore Police Department look and how badly it would have made those in charge of the indicted officers look

I know that I’m not privy to all the details about this case, but it feels like there’s more than what’s being released. It’s not important for me to know everything, I want justice for Suiter and his family.

What’s done in the dark will come to the light. This crime will be revealed and who done it will be exposed. Don’t be surprised.

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