Baltimore Police Release Cam Footage Of Shooting

The Baltimore Police Department released this bodycam videotape showing how one of their officers was on point with the takedown of this subject.

The arresting officer was dealing with a landlord/tenant issue when he heard shots ring out down the street. As you will see in the video below, with no regard for his safety, he leaped into action not knowing what was going to happen when he turned the corner.

This officer was on top of things and should be commended for his quick action and courage under fire. You never know what was waiting for him around the corner. There could have been a gang of individuals or stray bullets, but he did the right thing.

Source: Fox Baltimore

Baltimore City Police spokesman, T.J. Smith said in a statement, “The officer didn’t hesitate at all to run right into danger. Officer Rodgers was commended for his quick and decisive action that also can be categorized as lifesaving. Any person bold enough to shoot and kill a man a half a block from a uniformed police officer, undoubtedly poses a continued threat to public safety.

Furthermore, the officer was able to take the suspect into custody without further incident. His performance was exemplary and his decisiveness ended an immediate threat.”

Gilyard is currently being held without bail awaiting trial.

Law enforcement officers nationwide are wearing these bodycams to show the narrative against them is wrong and also as a backup vehicle to prove they are not as bad as the community leaders make them out to be.

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