American Airlines Crew Member Forcibly Baby Stroller; Then It Turned Ugly! [RAW VIDEO]

Baby strollers are not allowed on an airplane, but how far will a crew member go to enforce the rules of the company?

NOTE: I have searched around and couldn’t find a video showing where the man struck the woman or hit her as a witness has claimed. That’s not to say it didn’t happen but there is no video evidence of it.

You can see the woman in the video below is shaken to the point of tears because of what happened. Another passenger felt it was his duty to threaten the crew member in question.

With all the emotions happening in this video, I have to ask, why was the stroller brought on board when it’s against the rules? Maybe someone can answer that for me in the comment section below.

Source: Fox News

American Airlines on Friday responded quickly to a video that shows a sobbing mother with baby in arm after a confrontation with a member of the flight crew.

The initial reported confrontation was not in the video, but a passenger on the flight out of San Francisco said the employee “violently took a stroller from a lady with a baby” and hit her, “just missing the child.” The airline announced the worker was “removed from duty.”

The woman in the video appears shaken and can barely catch her breath.

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A male passenger is seen getting up from his seat. He can be heard saying he wanted to know the worker’s name.

When another apparent employee gets on the plane, the same male passenger gets out of his seat again and says, “Hey bud, hey bud. You do that to me, and I’ll knock you flat.” The other man says, “You stay out of it,” then later, “Hit me.”

The flight landed at about 7:45 p.m. at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. American Airlines issued the statement minutes after the plane landed.

Here’s the entire video:

The crew member has been removed pending an investigation, and hopefully, this mom can get over this incident.

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