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Australian Prime Minister Calls For Removal of Politically Correct ‘Gender Neutral’ Bathroom Signs 

The Prime Minister of Australia says bathroom political correctness has gone “over the top.”

That’s why Prime Minister Morrison is now calling for the removal of all “gender-neutral” bathroom signage.

This is what the signage currently looks like and is a picture from the Barton Offices, where the PM and his cabinet reside.

Mr. Morrison believes such signage is too much and also that believes people can figure out which bathroom to use on their own.

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Of course, Mr. Morrison is getting predictable push back from social justice warriors, who are condemning the PM for his stance on the bathroom signage, as well as claiming he’s against gender diversity based on his criticism of a policy allowing transgender folks to compete in Cricket.

Scott Morrison has said he expects his department to remove signage that gives people the choice of bathroom based on their gender identity.

Morrison was asked about the bathroom signage in an interview with Ben Fordham on 2GB this afternoon, after Channel Nine’s political editor, Chris Uhlmann, posted a photo of the sign from the Barton office on Twitter.

The sign on its toilet door said that the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet was “committed to staff inclusion and diversity” and invited staff and visitors to “please use the bathroom that best fits your gender identity”.

Morrison said he had spoken with departmental officials about the signage, saying it was “political correctness over the top”.

“It’s ridiculous,” he said. “I don’t think this is necessary – I think people can work out which room to use.

“Honestly, this is why we call it the Canberra bubble.

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“I have a very clear view about this and I am sure this will be sorted.”

Asked whether the signs would be removed, Morrison said: “That’s what I expect.”

Morrison has previously criticised gender diversity policies, saying a recent Cricket Australia decision to release a policy that aims to allow transgender and gender-diverse people to play the sport at the highest level and guidelines for community cricket was “heavy-handed” and “mystifying”.

The policy allowed players to compete in line with their gender identity, rather than the sex they were born with.

“I think it’s pretty heavy-handed – to put it pretty mildly,” he said. “There are far more practical ways to handle these issues than these heavy, mandatory ways of doing it, and I’m sure these issues have [been] quite carefully and practically managed at a club level already. [The Guardian]

It’s encouraging to see world leaders take a stand against the social justice mob. It’s about time we returned to good old fashioned common sense and stop indulging the whims of a small portion of the public.

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If more people take a stand like Mr. Morrison and President Trump, we can start focusing on real issues facing our countries, not insignificant matters that impact less than one percent of the population.

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