Atlanta Judge Tosses 190 Member Lawsuit Against CNN For Racial Discrimination; They Will Refile!

As you know, I’ve been shouting to the high heavens about the lawsuit against CNN for race discrimination. It started in December with about 30 members and ballooned to 175 in April.

I also told you I would update you when I learned of something and so I will.

Looks like the final tally was close to 200 black former and current employees had solid reasons to sue the network over racial discrimination but the court said not at this time.

You do not get nearly 200 employees together in a complaint and say their lawsuit is unsupported by factual allegations. CNN has money I understand and the have nots are climbing up a steep mountain. I believe there is truth to this claim and they shouldn’t stop until they get their justice.

Attorney Daniel Meachum claims they will not back down and will reapply to be heard. He also stated that blacks are still being discriminated against at the CNN headquarters and one day his clients will have their day in court.

Source: The Hill

The two black men who filed the lawsuit alleged they were compensated less than their white co-workers, were denied promotions and pay increases and that the “Defendants have engaged in a pattern and practice of racial discrimination in performance evaluations, compensations, promotions, and terminations.”

In addition to the two men who filed the suit, more than 190 people participated in the class-action suit, according to attorney Daniel Meachum.

“Black people are still being discriminated against at CNN and Turner and Time Warner and this order does not put an end to that discrimination,” Meachum said in a statement.

So we will endeavor to get our clients their day in court. Our heads may be bloodied but unbowed.

U.S. District Court Judge William Duffey Jr. wrote in his decision that the legal complaint “is fraught with conclusory claims, unsupported by factual allegations sufficient to support the inferences claimed by Plaintiffs.”

Meachum said he will refile.

This is not going away anytime soon. Maybe they need a better lawyer or a co-counsel with some fire in its belly. CNN has a lot of money and it will be an intimidating task but they need to stay the course.

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