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Asylum Returns To Mexico Start Moving Faster After Signed Agreement

Aren’t you happy our current administration continues to stand up for border security, without mincing words?

Mexico agreed to a lot more forceful on keeping asylum seekers in Mexico while their paperwork was being processed in the United States. Pres. Trump threatened to raise tariffs on the country to the tune of 5% and would rise more if the change wasn’t moving along more quickly.

Luis Carlos Cano, a spokesman for Mexico’s national immigration agency in Ciudad Juarez, across the border from El Paso, said starting Thursday some 200 asylum seekers per day were being sent back, up from 100 previously.

However, Mexico has not accepted that the United States send it an unlimited number of asylum seekers, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said, ahead of planned meetings with U.S. officials on Friday to determine details of the expansion.

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The agreement has put Mexican officials under mounting pressure to deliver results. The head of Mexico’s National Migration Institute, Tonatiuh Guillen, resigned on Friday for “personal reasons,” an interior ministry official said.

If enforcement measures are not successful after 45 days, Mexico has also agreed to consider making itself a “safe third country.” Asylum seekers who first set foot on Mexican soil would have to apply for refugee status in Mexico instead of in the United States. [Reuters]

For decades (or even centuries), Mexico has been able to unload illegal immigrants on the US. As far as Mexico is concerned, illegal immigration is a US problem. It has no skin in the game. This is an attitude that hinders any effort of involving Mexico in immigration reforms. President Trump’ strategy to combat illegal immigration rests on changing the mindset of Mexicans.

By getting Mexico to make itself a “safe third country,” where asylum seekers will stay while their case is being processed, Mexico now finds itself dealing with hundreds of thousands of unwanted foreigners on its soil. So basically, Mexico is now, for the first time, experiencing the same ordeal that Americans have been experiencing.

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Imagine if Pres. Donald Trump allowed unfettered clearance for Haitians to caravan to the Quebec Border where they could mass and then rush the Canadian system in search of a place to go where they can speak French and take advantage of the superior medical system they have to offer. There would be a lot of complaints, wouldn’t it?

Even though, Mexican officials encourage millions of their citizens to violate U.S. Immigration laws, notice how quick they are to stopping cold, any violation of their own laws. This is a Mexican congress that cares about Mexico, unlike the U.S. Congress that cares about serving some other agenda, except the one they are in office for, to wit, representing American citizens. When Americans ignore this stuff, they will get more of it in spades, from a Congress that has ignored them for years.

Mexico will realize that its open-borders policy will no longer work and any idealistic thinking about “social justice”, “compassion” and “humanitarian principle” is now met with the harsh reality of the negative impact of illegal immigration on Mexico’s economy, society, and security. This will create a long-lasting effect on how Mexico deals with illegal immigration.

Changing Mexico’s attitude is just one half of the equation. The other half deals with persuading Democrats to abandon their open-borders agenda. This is where the American people come in. By voting for candidates who protect America’ sovereignty, voters can send a direct message to Democrats who support open-borders that the American people have had enough of their agenda and they can either change their stance or be removed from office.

We’re a nation of immigrants, but we’re also a nation of laws. If tens of millions of legal immigrants have gone through the immigration process to become American citizens, then we should expect that the next group of immigrants to do the same.


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