Arrogant Schumer Wants Republicans To Choose Another SCOTUS Nominee [VIDEO]

Sen. Chuck Schumer wants to sit down with President Trump and Republicans to choose new nominee to replace Judge Neil Gorsuch!

In response to Todd talking about Democrat Senator Heidi Heitkamp, Schumer whined about Merrick Garland not getting a hearing and that Republicans should not “change the rules” to confirm Gorsuch.

“It looks like Gorsuch will not reach the 60-vote margin. So instead of changing the rules, which is up to Mitch McConnell and the Republican majority, why doesn’t President Trump, Democrats and Republicans in the Senate sit down and try to come up with a mainstream nominee. Look, when a nominee doesn’t get 60 votes, you shouldn’t change the rules, you should change the nominee.”

Here is the video clip from NBC News.

He apparently is referring to the nuclear option, which would allow Republicans to end any filibuster on Gorsuch with a simple majority of 51 votes instead of 60.

His comments are a complete hypocrisy since Democrats used the same option when they were in the majority. And Schumer knows nobody is listening to him when he suggests Trump picks a new nominee.

Harry Reid gave us the nuclear option back, so too bad for the New York senator if he finds it unfair to use.

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Wayne Dupree

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