Are You Ready for Ben & Jerry’s Cereal Flavored Ice-Cream?

When Ben & Jerry’s gave liberal Stephen Colbert his own ice cream flavor I dropped them like a bad habit.

But cereal-flavored ice cream? Now that’s new! Who would have ever thought about creating that? Most of these fast food, heat and eat restaurants are trying anything and everything to pull in your patronage.

Ben & Jerry’s are known for the crazy named pints of ice-cream so branching off into cereal-flavored shouldn’t be a surprise or should it?

From BroBible:

If you’ve ever been to Christina Tosi’s Milk Bar in New York City, DC, or Toronto, hopefully you experienced the awesomeness of cereal milk soft serve ice cream. Like the sweet milk at the bottom of a bowl of Frosted Flakes, cereal milk ice cream will shatter your brain and leave your tastebuds screaming like Tony the Tiger.

Now one of the biggest ice cream chains in the world is hopping on the “they’rrrrrreeeeee great!” ice cream trend. Ben & Jerry’s is now making three flavors of cereal milk ice cream — “Fruit Loot” a la Fruit Loops and Fruity Pebbles, “Cocoa Loco” a la Coco Puffs/Coco Krisps, and “Frozen Flakes” a la Frosted Flakes.

There’s a catch — You have to hit up a Ben & Jerry’s scoop shop for the cereal milk flavors. So you can’t just wander into 7/11 at 2AM and expect to find them digging through their freezer.

Not sure if I can get with this as I haven’t decided whether or not to start eating their product again but it’s not all about me so enjoy if you wish.

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