Are Our Kids Really Safe At School? Video Shows Bully Incident, Administrators Powerless to Stop

A video of a teen boy allegedly bullying his fellow students went viral this week, and it is sparking numerous concerns regarding just how capable schools are of protecting kids.

According to, the incident in question took place at Vanguard High School in Florida. A young male in a striped shirt can be seen aggressively approaching multiple students and abusing them both verbally and physically. One adult appears to try to intervene, but to no avail. He is seemingly the only authority figure present at the scene.

It is not clear what set the boy in the striped shirt off, but this clip has a lot of parents all over the internet asking why there isn’t more supervision in place to stop situations like this from escalating.

You can watch the entire clip in the video below.

Sources: BizPac, LiveLeak / Photo Credit: SnippingTool

Wayne Dupree

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