CNN Employee Who Disrespected WH Press Secretaries Didn’t Receive Christmas Party Invitation; Uploads Video Rant

CNN’s April Ryan is not happy she hasn’t been invited to the White House Christmas Party, so she just posted a video claiming she was good at missing it.

All year long, April Ryan has been disrespectful to the White House Press Secretaries whenever she had a chance to ask a question. She exhibits more attitude than anyone else in the entire room combined and carries the “privileged” persona as if you need to bow to her will.

I am sure Ryan acts like a fool when the cameras are off as if she is the one running things and everyone else must obey. Well, she didn’t get a Christmas party invite, so that prompted this video rant upload that begs for attention. This lady didn’t want people to think the snub hurt her, but watching her body language, and that will tell you all you want to know how hurt she is.

Another way to look at this video is she wanted the invitation to say “no, I won’t be going.” Either way, she wanted to make a statement and needed to be out in front, and she fails with this video below.

I do not blame the White House for not inviting her. It’s not a right that she should have received an invite and let me remind April, CNN as a network claimed they were not going to the Christmas Party this year because they felt President Trump has labeled them fake news too many times.

April can sit home and meditate on how to be a better American for all I care. I am happy she wasn’t invited, period.

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Wayne Dupree

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