Apple Removes Christian App After LGBT Petition Claims It Was Bigoted And Hateful

Apple removed a Christian Ministries app from their store after the LGBT community petition against their stance against homosexuality.

It seems that the petition called out the app “ex-gay, dangerous, bigoted and hateful.”  It continued by claiming that the app portrayed homosexuality as an ‘addiction,’ ‘sickness,’ and ‘sin.’

People do realize that there is an alternative to using Apple products, right? A privately owned business said they wouldn’t condone ex-gay beliefs. That’s one business. Quit crying persecution when something doesn’t go in your favor.

This is different from baking cake folks. Those who demand a cake is made for them knew up front that their values conflicted by the baker saying “I am sorry but this conflicts with my values. “

If Tim Cook and Apple had never sold an iPhone before and they said this product would be sold without support for Christian value apps and views, then the scenario is similar.

Living Hope Ministries has had its app for about three years, but the program was pulled by Apple just a day after Truth Wins Out, a group opposing conversion therapy, pushed to have it removed.

According to Living Hope’s website, its mission is to “proclaim God’s truth … with those seeking sexual and relational wholeness through an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.”

The group that petitioned the app, Truth Wins Out, thanked Apple in a statement saying the app “stigmatizes and demeans LGBT people.” It went on to call ex-gay programs consumer fraud.

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Living Hope Ministry’s executive director, Ricky Chelete, denied those claims saying Apple didn’t contact him about removing the app or the allegations, which he said aren’t true.

“The purpose of the app is simply to allow people a convenient way to access weekly devotions, ministry teachings, testimonials and other resources from the ministry all for free,” Chelete said.

Source: NBCDFW

However, hundreds of millions of iPhones are already sold and in use today and suddenly Apple is imposing Tim Cook’s values upon those who have already purchased products in good faith. Apple is now breaking a good faith standard at the expense of existing customers who were never told a bias would exist against their values. This is a recipe for a class action lawsuit that is entirely different from the bakery scenario.

If Apple were smarter in the deployment of this new Tim Cook bias they would support the product for existing platforms and communicate that future hardware will not support such biblical values. By his actions, Tim Cook is more interested in a personal war against biblical values though than a responsible deployment of a value change.

I am not opposed to Cook expressing his values; I am opposed to him breaking an existing good faith agreement which is a contract. Apple is breaking customers good faith though by asserting a change in values post-purchase.

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