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Opinion: AOC’s Dream Of Socialist America Is Going Up In Flames

On Tuesday night, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s dream of a socialist America was brutally shattered by democrat voters as they rebuked Socialism and banished AOC to the irrelevant fringes of the party.

The presidential candidate she endorsed with flying colors, Bernie Sanders, got THUMPED, losing the Michigan, Missouri, and Mississippi primaries, therefore cementing himself as the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee in almost record time.

AOC posted to her Instagram account, “There’s no sugarcoating it, tonight’s a tough night.” As a Democrat, as a Socialist and as a woman — you’ve got to lie or sugar coat any radical ideas to get them passed by the masses. America hasn’t reached peaked stupidity yet for Socialism to be an easy sell.

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Tuesday’s results put Biden firmly in the driver’s seat in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination and cloud Sanders’ potential path to a majority of pledged delegates, or even an opportunity to force a contested convention. The Democratic party has largely chosen Biden and his incremental progressivism over Sanders and his democratic socialist movement, which Ocasio-Cortez proudly considers herself a member of.

“There’s no sugarcoating it, tonight’s a tough night,” she said in an Instagram Live video. “Tonight’s a tough night for the movement overall.”

The freshman lawmaker then dove into the exit poll data that many news networks were reporting regarding the age of the voters who put Biden over the top Tuesday.

“If you are looking a little bit deeper beyond the polls in terms of what this means for the movement at large, I think there’s a lot of information that we have here that we can kind of glean from,” she said. “One thing that’s important in these results — and this is something that I’ve been sensing a lot in my time here — is the generational divide in these results. [Fox News]

Who could sugarcoat the outcome of Socialism? All it takes is to study some history and a little critical thought to realize that everywhere Socialism has been installed as the form of government, the people suffer. Sanders has so many young followers because history and critical thought have not been taught in schools and colleges. They were replaced by indoctrination.

AOC is one of those delusional lefties, who has no contact, outside of her parochial world, filled with other lefties, who share her hard-line views. Most Americans love this country, support our cops, want secure borders, reject late-term abortions, prefer free markets, support the constitution, etc. AOC and her radical tribe do not.

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Bernie IS an avowed socialist who has ALWAYS shown powerful support for the most authoritarian nations on earth. Just 28% of the people (the ignorant) support socialism. Free stuff is another story. From what we’ve seen, most Democrats can be bought.

Even though Biden is winning, let’s not forget, this is not a “win” for Biden but a referendum against Bernie’s “Socialism.” The electorate made a decision, with the weakest field ever for a democrat president, it was Sanders to win, yet he is getting pummeled.


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