Watch: Unearthed Video From 2017 of AOC Speaking Graciously About President Trump and MAGA

Are pigs flying?

Did hell freeze over?

I ask because of this recently unearthed video of AOC respectfully talking about President Trump’s rise to power.

Now, she doesn’t gush over him and she’s not wearing a MAGA hat, but she does give a really clear, very accurate detailing of the Trump movement.

Back in 2017, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez delivered a calm and rational explanation of why President Trump won.

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She even explains his attraction and why so many people are drawn to him.

And she did it nicely, with no yelling, or flared nostrils or furrowed eyebrows.

What a refreshing change.

Don’t believe me?

Watch it for yourself.

Here are some of the responses online:

Hello, it’s fact. No bombshells but nice to hear.”

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“Ooooooh….. somebody’s in danger of loosing her democrat card.”

“@AOC I really wish you would stick by this. It at least shows some of your concern for the UNITED STATES on a respectful level”

Man, what a difference a few years makes, right?

We went from civil discourse like this to foaming at the mouth resistance, impeachment, and full-blown communism with the Dems.

It’s too bad for her, back then she actually sounded reasonable.




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