AOC Goes After Biden Over Climate Change Middle Ground — ‘I’ll Be Damned”

Who died and left Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in charge?

On Monday night, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ripped 2020 Presidential Candidate Joe Biden on his thinking of possibly coming to some middle ground on climate change. Watching the video below AOC looks like she’s coming into the aggressive community organizer role slamming Sen. Bernie Sanders’ toughest competition.

At a Green New Deal rally in Washington on Monday night, the freshman House member took a shot at former Vice President Joe Biden — who is reportedly seeking a “middle ground” approach on climate change.

“I will be damned if the same politicians who refused to act are going to try to come back today and say we need a middle of the road approach to save our lives!” Ocasio-Cortez said. “That is too much for me.”

“When you’re dealing with the future of the planet and making sure that our kids and our grandchildren have a healthy and habitable world in which to live, I don’t know how you go too far,” Sanders said. “This is an existential threat, not just to the United States, but to the entire planet.” [Mediaite]

AOC does not know that Climate Change/Global Warming is a hoax. She has been taught her whole life that it is real and she truly believes the world is in danger. Therefore no compromise is available through her. Biden, on the other hand, who has been around for a while and was present in politics when this whole hoax was made up, knows that the main point of their promoting the Global Warming / Climate change hoax is about raising money for the agendas of the global elitists.

Not that I have a dog in this fight, but this good news for Biden, because a dull as he may be, he has been at this long enough to know that AOCs “popularity” is little more than an infatuation by the media, egged on by the echo chamber zombies of Twitter.

The fact is, most Americans reject her ideas outright, but she mistakes the adoration of the Twitter mob and CNN/MSNBC as consensus. Such is the natural inclination of all narcissists., who see every little scrap of approval from anyone, no matter how small a minority, as a popular mandate to implement their ideas.

Biden will be playing the long game- if he can get past the primaries from the moonbat base, he might be tough for Trump, because he will appeal to many of the rust belt voters Trump won over.

I have my doubts about Joe surviving the primaries (the Democrats seem committed to repeating 1972), but weirder things have happened.




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